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A few random snippets of goodness from inside Tomely ebooks

Yet when I come back I notice that Katie is still lounging on the bed luxuriously, resting on her side in seductive feline form. I smirk and take a seat on the edge, sliding my hand through her hair to pet her. “Did you enjoy yourself...

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Cletus half-ran to the pen behind the barn after accepting the loop from the farmer’s outstretched hand. The sows they’d caught a couple of days before were still asleep, so his job was not as difficult as he’d first thought it would ...

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Susi's hands relax and release their grip, and she once more pouts and crosses her arms over her chest. I lean my shoulder instead against the wall separating my living space from my cubby-like bathroom area. Even with my new ability ...

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Awesome Tomely Thing #38
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