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A few random snippets of goodness from inside Tomely ebooks

John, though, John was loving all this drama. He hated doing nothing, thinking nothing, being nothing, which in their present straits took up approximately one hundred percent of the day. ‘I’ll bet it’s Paul who started it, though. Da...

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But in the bushland lurks a woman who suspects lost vulnerability at his heart. And another, less beautiful, whose violent loathing for him will never be silenced....

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This e-book won't teach you how to make a killer crust. No doubt you either have the perfect go-to crust that you buy at the store, or you have mastered the art of the light and flaky crust for all your other pies to date. How you han...

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Awesome Tomely Thing #38
All books sold or purchased through Tomely can be sent to Readmill (the world’s best ereader and social reading platform) in just one click.