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A few random snippets of goodness from inside Tomely ebooks

“Never. And that’s the end of it. This is just foolish stubbornness, and I’ll hear no more. Do you understand me?” he said, the beginnings of exasperation roughening his voice. “And stop looking like a frightened child. It’s starting ...

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“Shut up and let me handle this,” she told him. This was Russell Sinclair’s daughter speaking. If there was one thing Roxanne had learned from her father it was how to crack the whip and give orders. Not that she liked to do it, or ha...

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Jerkily, Jair produces a kerchief from a pocket, into which he hacks, harshly, then inspects the result with concern. Blood flecks the fizzy grey mucus. Then, with a thump of his chest, he is upright again, pinkish spittle foaming at ...

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Awesome Tomely Thing #38
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